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Rumplestiltskin vs. 

The Queen 


A promise is a promise. You better give me that baby or you're going to be sorry.

The Queen: 

It isn't fair! I didn't know what I was doing. I'm not giving you my baby! I have a much better idea...


Yeah, me too! There's only one way to settle this!



Case Summary:


A young woman's father has lied to his employer, the King, that his daughter is able to spin hay into gold. The King decides to lock her in the castle overnight in a room full of hay and demands she spin it into gold by dawn or else he will have her executed. Incapable of fulfilling this task, she is in despair until an elf named Rumplestiltskin appears and agrees to perform the alchemy she requires if she will promise to give him her first born child. She agrees and Rumple turns the straw into gold. The King marries the young girl and they have a child. The Queen refuses to give up her newborn to Rumplestiltskin. His rage fuels a battle in court. He seeks legal counsel and sues the Queen for breach of contract. In spite of the Queen's repeated attempts to settle the matter privately with money, this elf wants the baby. He demands his day in court!

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