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The Case of Little Red Drivinghood

Case Summary:

Instead of a red cape, our Little Red Driving Hood gets a red convertible from her granny. This sets the stage for a series of poor choices that begin with a teenage "wolf." Little Red is charming and well-meaning but she disobeys her mother by "talking to strangers." She is persuaded by the Wolf to drive her car, even though she is under age. Not only does she drive the car without a proper license, but she accepts a beer, and predictably, the whole thing ends in a car crash. Will Little Red's license be suspended until she's twenty-one? She will have her day in court! 

Oh! All of a sudden you want to be a good girl?
Little Red:
You just tell me how to get to granny's.
Ooh what big eyes you have. Better to see the road, my dear!
(Wolf laughs wildly and grabs the wheel. Red's car careens into the intersection.)
Little Red:
Mr. Hunter? Mamma? Granny? (Mr. Hunter's car swerves. they crash.) 

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