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Current Programs

Fairy Tale Trials - Weekend Workshop

Over the course of three weekends, our students are immersed in the Fairy Tale Trials. We take them through each case playing characters and discussing the issues that lead them to court. Students take on the responsibilities of lawyers, judges, and juries alike as they write statements, cross examine, and spend days rendering a unanimous verdict. Picture below is our most recent workshop's final presentation. The students presented the chosen fairy tale trial in their first real courtroom experience. Audience members acted as the jury, and a verdict was rendered! Visit, for more information about this event!

Ongoing Programs

The Law Through Fairy Tale Trials - Intensive

Fairy Trials Productions is offering this award winning and highly interactive enrichment program to parents and their young adults to discuss and debate! Throughout the workshop, students will study the classic tale as it transitions into a modern day courtoom. They will see each tale through the court case, playing lawyers, judges, and fairy tale characters alike. The students dive deep into their characters, write closing statements, discuss our legal process, and act as the jury as they discuss and debate to render a final verdict. 

Fairy Trials workshop 2018-20


Our after school program provides a chance for students to spend time each day with these characters, and take the time over the span of a semester to learn and discuss the complex dynamics that have lead them into court. 

Northwestern Center for Talent Development -Summer Intensive

At the Northwestern Center for Talent Development, students spend all day immersed in our Fairy Tale world. Theater games, art projects, legal discussion, and verdict rendering make up the three weeks they spend in our summer program. After playing, discussing, creating, and debating, the program culminates in a final presentation in front of parents and friends that will end in an official audience verdict

During the height of the pandemic, The Fairy Tale Trials also persevered through live and interactive sessions via ZOOM! We are discussing, debating, and performing every week. Join us by contacting Julie!

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